Muay Thai

The American Muaythai Federation is the national representative of the World Muaythai Federation in the United States. Our mission is to promote the art and amateur competition of Muaythai within the United States, and to facilitate the training and certification of judges, referees, trainers and teachers (Kru) to meet the standards set by the World Muaythai Federation and the Kru Muaythai Association of Thailand. The American Muaythai Federation serves as the registrar of athletes, and assists in defraying the costs of attending international competitions.

Organization Overview
Non-profit organization to support, facilitate and educate students, fighters, trainers, and teachers (Kru) about amateur Muaythai.

Kru Yai Mark Nardone, President
Kru Mark Nardone, President of The American Muaythai Federation, is the Vice President and Executive Board member of the World Muaythai Federation, as well a member of the Rules and Regulations Commission. The Thai Government has appointed Kru Mark as their representative member to the Institute of Muaythai Conservation, under the Ministry of Sports and Tourism. Kru Mark holds the rank of Arjarn (Master) of of Muaythai under the Kru Muaythai Association of Thailand, which is the appointed International Register for the Thai Ministry of Sports and Tourism.